Based on innovation, honesty and cooperation, we develop core competency such as innovation, initiative, honesty, trustworthiness, cooperation and service orientation. And continuously improve employees ′ ability and drive Kwong Lung to move forward ceaselessly. Through our comprehensive training system, we cultivate exceptional talents and improve employee′s professional skills and knowledge. We welcome young talents who aspires to devote to garment manufacturing industry to join us.

Pre-work Training

Understand the Kwong Lung's corporate culture, organizational rules, service rules, management system, department introduction, benefits, and essential professional skills

On-job Training

Internal & external training, relevant professional institutions, regular manufacturer seminars, and annual external training for professional education

Management Training

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. had three management training levels: director training, manager training, and general management training that enforced the management capabilities of supervisors and established team consensus.


Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. always encouraged employees to enhance not only professional skills but also language skills. Kwong Lung regularly organized language courses for employees and helped them to improve.

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. formulated relevant labor systems and policies under local laws and regulations that applied to all employees. Kwong Lung welcomed inspections from customers. Moreover, our customers recognized the efforts to safeguard employee salaries, benefits, and human rights. Especially about child labor policy, Kwong Lung strictly prohibited child labor no matter where the factory established. Regarding the wage policies, Kwong Lung adjusted the salaries according to the local government regulations. Furthermore, Kwong Lung complied with local labor laws and regulations for work safety and hygiene, but there was still room for improvement compared to advanced countries' standards. Under these circumstances, Kwong Lung introduced production innovation and production management to improve the efficiency of production. In this case, Kwong Lung reduced the waste of time and raw materials while balancing productivity and labor rights.