On behalf of Kwong Lung Feather (B.V.I.) Ltd. to announce the completed of registration change.

1.Date of the competent authority’s approval of capital reduction:NA

2.Date of completion of capitalization change registration:2021/04/21

3.Effect on the financial statements (including any discrepancy between the amount of paid-in capital and the no.of shares outstanding, and the effect on net worth per share):

The original share capital was US$ 24,612,920

The share capital after the capital reduction is US$ 18,258,735

The effect on net worth per share :NA

4.Plan for expected exchange of shares:NA

5.Estimated no.of listed common shares after capital reduction and new issue:NA

6.Estimated no.of listed common shares as a percentage of issued common shares after capital reduction and new issue (No.of common shares after capital reduction/No.of issued common shares):NA

7.Countermeasures for poor circulation of equity if the aforesaid estimated no.of listed common shares does not reach 5 million shares and the percentage does not reach 25% after capital reduction:NA

8.Any other matters that need to be specified:None