Market Observation Post System
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2020-08-21 Announcement of the adjustment of cash dividend payout
2020-08-11 Announcement by KLF the Ex-dividend date of common share dividend & Preferred share A dividend for earning distribution of year 2019.
2020-08-07 Announcement for the appointment of the members of the CSR committee
2020-08-07 Board of Directors Approved Consolidated Financial Statements for second quarter and six months ended June 30,2020
2020-06-22 The announcement of press conferences regarding material information
2020-06-22 On behalf of Snowdown Merchandise (SuZhou) Co., announce the Approval of the Proposed Spin-off from the Board of Directors
2020-06-22 Important resolutions of the Company's 2020 annual shareholders' meeting
2020-06-09 Announcement of juristic-person director resignation
2020-05-29 Announcement of the 5th treasury stocks buyback
2020-05-08 Announcement of Convening the 2020 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting