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2021-04-09 The Company will attend "9th Taiwan CEO Week on Air"
2021-04-06 Replacement of Representative Juristic-Person Supervisor
2021-04-06 Replacement of Representative Juristic-Person Director
2021-04-06 The Company will attend the Taiwan Stock Market Discovery Forum 2021.
2021-03-31 Change of company accounting officer
2021-03-12 Correction on Monthly and Accumulated Operating Revenue of 2020
2021-03-12 Announced on behalf of Kwong Lung Feather (B.V.I.) Ltd.the Board resolution for the capital reduction due to KLF's investment restructuring.
2021-03-12 Announcement pursuant to Subparagraph 3 of Paragraph 1 of Article 22 of Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds and Making of Endorsements/Guarantees
2021-03-12 Announcement of Convening the 2021 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting
2021-03-12 Announcement of Board of Directors resolution of preferred shares dividend distribution