The company's internal auditing unit is an independent office that is directly affiliated to the board and focused on internal auditing tasks. In addition to reporting on the regular board meetings, the auditing unit also reports to the supervisor, President and General Manager every month whenever necessary.
The company's internal auditing unit consists of two professional auditing personnel including an auditing manager and an auditing specialist. The appointment and removal of the auditing manager must be approved by the board. The internal auditing personnel must comply with the qualifications regulated by law and continue to study up to the regulated hours. Their names, ages, academic background, work experience, number of years of service as well as training must be registered in the required format and reported to the online information system for inspection prior to the end of January each year.

With an independent spirit and an objective and fair position, the internal auditing unit should pay professional attention to and inspect and evaluate the execution of the internal control system and examine the operational efficiency. By making unbiased reports according to the auditing result, it can provide suggestions for improvement at the right time in order for the internal control system to operate effectively and be reviewed and corrected accordingly.
The auditing tasks are executed according to the auditing plans approved by the board which are based on recognizable risks. Also, project auditing or re-auditing is executed whenever necessary. The auditing report should be attached with the task plans and the related information. The defects and abnormalities found in the internal control system will be exposed in the auditing report for review and be followed up regularly until improvements are made and ensure appropriate measures are taken in time by the related units. By the end of the following month after its completion, the auditing items should be submitted to the supervisor for review.

The internal auditing unit reinspects the regular self-examinations conducted by all units. The result of the reinspection along with the defects and abnormalities found in the internal control system by the internal auditing unit should be included in the self-examination internal control task report so that the General Manager and the board may evaluate the effectiveness of the overall internal control system and make statements accordingly on the internal control system. The internal control system statement should be announced and reported on the designated website before the designated time by the authorized officials and be publicized in the annual report.