Board Members

Master of Business Administration, Chinese Culture University.
CEO of Kwong Lung Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Legal representative of Whalen's Company
M.Acc. National Chengchi University
CEO of LITE-ON Semiconductor Corp.
Chairman of On-Bright Electronics Incorporated
Legal representative of Ou Li Investment Co.,Ltd.
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Vice President of Texas Instruments Taiwan Branch
Chairman of On-Bright Electronics Incorporated
Vice Chairman of LITE-ON Semiconductor Corp.
Legal representative of Yueh Sheng Investment Co.,Ltd.
Master of Research in Management, Kyoto Sangyo University
Chairman of Yueh Sheng Investment Co., Ltd.
Ph.D. in Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, Princeton University
Director of Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan
Chairmen of Council for Economic Planning and Development
Independent Director of On-Bright Electronics Incorporated
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, USA
Professor of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Legal representative of Chung Lu Investment Co.,Ltd.
Bachelor's Degree in Japanese Language and Literature, Fu Jen University
General Manager of home textile business department at Kwong Lung
Legal representative of Huang Lu Investment Co.,Ltd.
Master of Finance, University of San Francisco
Director of Co-Tech Development Co., Ltd.