Executive Team

Chan Ho-Po


Zheng Qiu-Yue

Vice President

Xu Li-Ting

Vice President

Jen Yi-Fan

Vice President

Wang Rui-Wen

Vice President

Chang Jung-Hua


Li Zong-Heng

Accounting Manager

Business operations of major departments

Major departments Business content
Auditing Office Assist the Board of Directors and managers to check whether the internal control system is functioning effectively and provide suggestions for improvement to ensure the goals of effectiveness and efficiency of the operation, the reliability of financial reports, and the compliance of the relevant laws and regulations can be achieved.
Public Relations Office Be responsible for corporate image management, external media communication, press release, and communication with relevant government units.
Corporate Social Responsibility Office Establish and promote the Company's social responsibility policy, and education training for the consensus, concept and system of corporate social responsibility, and meet the government's policy requirements on corporate governance.
Business units Order sales, customer market development, product marketing planning, research and development of new product and new technology, and procurement of raw materials and supplies.
Finance Division Annual budgeting and control, accounting treatment, cost analysis, management and planning of investor relationship, financial planning, fund management, exchange risk management, operations of Board of Directors, share affairs and shareholders' meeting operations.
Information Technology Division Plan the Group's information strategy and blueprint, promote the establishment of information systems, and maintain and manage the Group's information security.
Human Resources Division Plan organization structure and manpower allocation; formulate the Company's relevant management system and regulations; implement human resource management policies; plan and promote performance management, human resource development, education and training, talent recruitment, compensation system, employee relations; executive general affairs management, such as administrative management, etc.; execute purchase requisition, ordering, acceptance processes and fixed asset management.
Manufacturing Technology Division Improve production tools and equipment, advance factory automation, and build an intelligent manufacturing center. Set up a global combat information center for real-time presentation and process of production status.
Unified Procurement Division Establish and integrate supplier management and evaluation systems, implement audits and control risks, and integrate and manage global import and export transportation.
Strategic Planning Division Collect market trends and competitive dynamics of the industry, formulate the recommendation to the Company's operation directions and relevant departments' action plans, and re-adjust the action plans after conducting internal and external communication with relevant members, implementation, and review of execution results and feedback.