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2018-07-17 Kwong Lung (Zhong-Li) R&D and Logistics Center won the "Qualified Green Building" certification by the Ministry of the Interior
2018-07-10 Kwong Lung (Zhong-Li) R&D and Logistics Center officially opened
2018-02-27 Down Vests Donation-Send Love in the Cold Winter
2018-02-21 Apparel Donation- Warmth in the Cold Winter
2018-01-30 2017 Kwong Lung Vietnam Child Care Plan
2016-12-20 Interview: Taipei Exchange Center Magazine
2016-12-12 2016 Taiwan Garment Industrial Association-Public Welfare Activities
2016-11-29 Kwong Lung 50th Anniversary- Family Day
2016-11-09 Kazuki Kurashiki's down jacket is on sale in FamilyMart
2016-09-30 British Standards Institution has verified the Kwong Lung’s 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report