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2020-07-02 「Kwong Lung Volunteer Day」
2020-01-31 Announcement: COVID-19 has no significant impact on Kwong Lung's business
2019-09-02 Press Conference: Ge-Zhi Junior High School and Hu-Tian Elementary School Air Conditioning Equipment Donation
2019-06-26 Kwong Lung (Yi-Lan) Development Center Groundbreaking Ceremony
2019-05-29 「Beach Clean Up with Kwong Lung」
2018-11-20 「Kwong Lung Down Jackets Donation」
2018-10-31 Press Conference: Down Vests Donation for Children in Taoyuan City
2018-10-30 Do Public Welfare with Kwong Lung, Supporting Remote Community
2018-10-09 2018 Kwong Lung Vietnam Child Care Program
2018-07-17 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Independent Assurance Opinion Statement