「Beach Clean Up with Kwong Lung」

 Beach Clean Up with Kwong Lung


Kwong Lung Annual Beach Clean Up

This year, Kwong Lung cooperates with Taiwan Garment Industrial Association to do charity work.

This meaningful event held in San-Zhi Bay. As a member of the member association,

Kwong Lung certainly cannot be absent.

During the event, many Kwong Lung's colleagues bring their families to do the beach cleanup.

It is a great life experience!In recent years, marine wastes have become a significant issue.

Plastic waste not only polluted the ocean but also poses a crisis to the organisms.

Taiwan is a small island surrounded by the ocean, and Taiwan has a variety of beautiful ecosystems.

Due to the increasing consumption of plastic products, Taiwan faces many challenges.

Eventually, all these plastic wastes will affect marine life and human beings.

Everyone may image that environmental protection volunteers filming seabirds

holding large pieces of plastic fragments feeding chicks, or sea turtles stretching their necks

and taking a bite of a plastic bag floating in the sea.

In 2018, Taiwan implemented a plastic restriction policy.

The results showed that the promotion of plastic restriction policies could reduce marine waste.