Kwong Lung (Yi-Lan) Development Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

 「 Kwong Lung (Yi-Lan) Development Center Groundbreaking Ceremony


On June 26, 2019, Kwong Lung held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Yi-Lan Development Center,

and Yi-Lan County Mayor Zi-Miao Lin came to celebrate with us.

Kwong Lung has rooted in the Yi-Lan for more than 40 years.

Furthermore, Kwong Lung sets up an Apparel Development Center in Yi-Lan that focuses on innovation,

upgrading technology, and supporting overseas factories.


Taiwan has always been the foundation bases for Kwong Lung. It is Kwong Lung's mission to give back to society.

In the future, Kwong Lung will provide a public library and gym in the Apparel Development Center for local communities.

Moreover, Kwong Lung is looking forward to cooperating with local vocational schools to cultivate professional talents.