Sustainable Commitments

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. continued to promote business participation in social & cultural affairs and participated in public welfare activities. Our goal was to fulfill Kwong Lung's social responsibilities and conveyed the Kwong Lung's true value. The most important thing for Kwong Lung was to take care of our customers, stakeholders, employees, society, and the environment. Kwong Lung's ambition was to pursue a sustainable growth community.

Communication between Kwong Lung and Society

Since Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 1966, Kwong Lung experienced multiple challenges and changes. As always, Kwong Lung proposed our true value of innovation, development, integrity, and cooperation. With the enterprise's development, Kwong Lung had been recognized by customers and peers. Moreover, Kwong Lung gradually established its leading position in the down industry. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, Kwong Lung revealed on the enterprise's obligations between society and the environment.

In Kwong Lung, we built a strong relationship between the enterprise, employees, and customers. Since 2008, Kwong Lung started cooperating with different aspects of society under the value of innovation, integrity, promise, and collaboration. Kwong Lung conducted various actions on ecological friendliness, health, and growth.

In 2009, Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. introduced the Bluesign® standard manufacturing system, a pioneer in the down industry, comprehensively reviewed, and improved production methods. Moreover, Kwong Lung reviewed the distance between production locations and downstream customers to reduce carbon emissions from long-distance transportation. Besides, Kwong Lung established exclusive wastewater treatment and recycling facilities in production bases in various regions and hired specialized technicians for operations.

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. obtained the blue mark standard certification that affirmed our manufacturing policies and ecology efforts. Furthermore, Kwong Lung established a dedicated testing center to protect our consumers. In addition to the necessary quality component inspection of the down, the unique high-level physical, chemical, and microbiological inspection instruments were established according to the needs of the markets. From raw materials to finished products, Kwong Lung completed the basic down-quality specifications, ultra-micro analysis with the same inspection equipment as third-party impartial institutions. Kwong Lung ensured the safety of consumers with a higher standard than the industry.

Integrity & Health

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. had been in down business for nearly 50 years. Kwong Lung had become a member of the International Down Association. Since most down materials came from the waterfowl livestock industry, there was considerable controversy about whether it might be the source of avian influenza virus infection. As always, Kwong Lung prevented the spread of avian influenza with high standards and provided customers with the best protection.

Since Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. establishment, our production bases had been closely cooperating with the local government's anti-inspection unit and set up special disinfection equipment under the World Animal Health Organization's regulations. Kwong Lung performed a high temperature and chemical fumigation guided by epidemic prevention agencies of various countries. Moreover, Kwong Lung adopted global procurement strategies, adjusted the source of raw materials, and reduced the risk of bird flu. Kwong Lung limited hazards from procurement and production and guaranteed the safety of products. Kwong Lung guaranteed the safety of our products and prevented the spread of bird flu.

People had always criticized forced-feeding, and it had also caused the public to distrust the down industry. For example, ducks and geese were force-fed for foie gras. Moreover, down was just a by-product of the food industry, and its output value was low. As one of the world's major fine-washed down production companies, Kwong Lung had the obligation to require farms to operate under bio organic way. Kwong Lung did not purchase any raw material from unqualified manufacturers and hoped that ducks and geese could raise without any torture. As always, Kwong Lung wanted to reduce inhuman treatment to the animals.

Pre-work Training

Understand the Kwong Lung's corporate culture, organizational rules, service rules, management system, department introduction, benefits, and essential professional skills

On-job Training

Internal & external training, relevant professional institutions, regular manufacturer seminars, and annual external training for professional education

Management Training

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. had three management training levels: director training, manager training, and general management training that enforced the management capabilities of supervisors and established team consensus.


Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. always encouraged employees to enhance not only professional skills but also language skills. Kwong Lung regularly organized language courses for employees and helped them to improve.

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. formulated relevant labor systems and policies under local laws and regulations that applied to all employees. Kwong Lung welcomed inspections from customers. Moreover, our customers recognized the efforts to safeguard employee salaries, benefits, and human rights. Especially about child labor policy, Kwong Lung strictly prohibited child labor no matter where the factory established. Regarding the wage policies, Kwong Lung adjusted the salaries according to the local government regulations. Furthermore, Kwong Lung complied with local labor laws and regulations for work safety and hygiene, but there was still room for improvement compared to advanced countries' standards. Under these circumstances, Kwong Lung introduced production innovation and production management to improve the efficiency of production. In this case, Kwong Lung reduced the waste of time and raw materials while balancing productivity and labor rights.

2020 Factory Inspection Results

The Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in March 2011 triggered a tsunami. One of Kwong Lung production factories was located in Hachimantai, one of the hardest-hit areas in Iwate Prefecture. Some goods were lost in the tsunami. Fortunately, there was no serious damage. Furthermore, Kwong Lung donated emergency aid funds and nearly 10,000 cold-proof jackets to help local victims. Kwong Lung adopted the principle of 'taking from society and give back to society,' and would continue to carry out relevant humanitarian activities in the future.

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. had fully demonstrated the enterprise's obligations and responsibilities to society. Kwong Lung implemented eco-friendly actions to reveal great importance to its quality and accountability. Besides, Kwong Lung adequately performed the epidemic prevention of down products and provided customers with clean and safe products. Kwong Lung's internal management and training demonstrated the spirit of 'take from society and give back to society'. Additionally, Kwong Lung would fulfill our corporate values ​​and influenced the people around us.

Kwong Lung Human Rights Policy

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. recognized the 'United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,' 'United Nations Global Covenant, 'United Nations Guiding Principles on Enterprise and Human Rights,' 'United Nations International Labor Organization' and other international human rights to fulfill Kwong Lung's corporate social responsibility and protected the fundamental human rights of all colleagues. Kwong Lung did not allow any violations of human rights and revealed that all colleagues should be treated fairly.

The human rights policy of Kwong Lung applied to all operating bases. It complied with the laws and regulations related to labor and formulated critical human rights protections.

Policy Implementation

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination to ensure equal job opportunities
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Prohibition of forced labor
  • The balance between work and daily life
  • Regularly review and evaluate related systems and actions

Corporate Social Responsibility Organization and Function

Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. instituted a Corporate Social Responsibility Office. Besides, the chief executive established a cross-departmental and cross-subsidiary management unit. The management teams drafted environmental, sustainable development, and social responsibility plans and gathered relevant implementation results. The results were revealed in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report and submitted to the board of directors every year. The 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report submitted to the Board of Directors on November 8, 2019. For the relevant implementation results, please refer to the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.